Ten Colorful Fish Song

My 2-year old requests this song over and over again. She thinks the little fish are “so cuuuute!” It is a great flannel board rhyme for learning colors and counting, but even if you don’t have a flannel board at home, you can still sing this song and create an interactive experience for your little learner. Make your own or buy one on my Esty shop.

Watch the song now on Youtube!

When you are singing the song at home, use your fingers to show how many fish are remaining then put your hands together and making a swimming motion with your hands each time the song says “swimming” or “swam away.” Using hand motions helps keep your childs attention and helps reinforce the meaning behind the words they are hearing. Setup your fish bowl above or next to the pool. Let you little learner help move each colored fish as it “jumps” out and lands into the pool. Here is what you’ll need to recreate this activity at home.

Supplies Needed:

  • 10 colors of paper (for fish)
  • 2 colors of blue paper (for bowl and pool)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Clear packing tape (optional)
  • Magnetic tape (optional)
  • Poster tack (optional)

I used two shades of blue construction paper to make the bowl (lighter blue) and the pool (darker blue), but have also used white for the bowl. I cut at an angle at the top of the light blue sheet and tried to keep the width of the construction paper to make the bowl. I cut the pool into the shape of a bean and made it the full length of the construction paper to ensure it could fit all ten fish by the end of the song.

To the make the fish, I actually used leftover paper from the Dinosaur, Dinosaur Behind the Door activity. I drew the fish about two-inches long (it’s the one thing I can draw) and cut them out. Since they are so small and my two-year old loves to help with the song, I decided I needed to reinforce them so they wouldn’t get torn too easily. I do not have a laminating machine at home, but I do have clear packing tape! I placed each fish individually on a three-inch piece of tape and carefully folded over the tape and cut it from the roll. I pressed it down to remove any air bubbles and then cut the fish out and now they will last a lot longer!

I recommend using either poster tack or magnetic tape to attach the fish to the bowl and pool, as well as to attach your bowl and pool to a wall, board or other surface.

Watch the flannel board song here!


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Librarian turned Homeschool Mombrarian. I enjoy sharing creative learning activities, picture books and crafts for little learners. I write and create original flannel board stories, songs and felt sets for toddlers and preschoolers.

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