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We are doing homeschool Kindergarten this year and focusing a lot on reading and writing. As a librarian, I could not be more excited to teach my son to read! He has not been as excited about learning to read as I would like, but I know as soon as something clicks, he will run with it. I have several sight word games and workbooks I plan to use, but I have noticed he has issues “finding” things. He has always been a highly sensitive child and get overstimulated very easily. Finding one word among many can be overwhelming to him. I saw some sight word activity sheets that had tracing and writing and a word find and I knew I needed something like that to help him practice “seeing” his sight words. I decided to try and make some myself using the 40-word Dolch Pre-Primer and 52-word Dolch Primer Lists. Scroll down to download!

The worksheets are super simple. They focus on one sight word. Your child should say the word, trace the word, write the word independently (a few times for shorter words, if space allows) and a chance to “find” the word. Each page has the word listed four times in the word find section. The other words are sight words as well and is an opportunity to review other sight words your child may already know. Your child can circle the word, highlight. It’s up to you. And since I already made them for me, why not share them with you?! Download below! Happy homeschooling!


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