Ten Little Cookies Flannel Board Song

This Ten Little Cookies Felt Set for Flannel Board is not your typical cookies set! It is so much more! The set includes a red cookie jar with a flap for hiding cookies, plus ten cookies with varying numbers of chocolate chips 1-10 and their corresponding number on the back, a plus sign, minus sign and equals sign. This set can be used in so many ways to teach early math skill and beginning math!

Number Sense: Develop an understanding of numerical order by teaching your child to first count forward and then count backward in the correct order. Challenge your child by placing 3-4 cookies (numbers side) on the board and ask what number comes next, or skip a number and ask what number is missing.

Representation: The chocolate chips on each cookie help reinforce that each number represents a value.

Math Equations: Use the included math symbols to create simple math equations using either the chocolate chip side or the numbers side.

Patterns: Use the numbers side of the cookies to create a pattern of numbers (1, 2, 3, __, 5 or 2, 4, ___, 8, 10). Leave one number out and hide it behind the cookie jar flap. Ask your child to figure out what number is missing and then open the jar to reveal the answer!

Counting Song: Try using the counting song to practice basic subtraction with your little learner. Start with eating one cookie at a time in the song and change song to eat by 2’s or 3’s to make it more challenging. Change the names in the song to reflect the children in your group or the people and pets in your home!

Ten Little Cookies, Written by Jasmine Kallenberg, The Flannel Librarian

“Ten little cookies
Looking super yummy!
I ate one,
and now it’s in my tummy!
How many are left? Nine!

Nine little cookies
Looking super yummy!
(Name) ate one,
and now they’re in his tummy!
How many are left? Eight!”

…And so on

One little cookie
Looking super yummy!
I ate one,
and now it’s in my tummy!
How many are left? Zero!

Ten little cookies
Were looking super yummy!
We ate them all
and now we’re feeling funny…
(pretend to have a tummy ache)”

Make your own cookies set or check out my Ten Little Cookies set for flannel board in my Etsy shop along with other early math and numeracy sets!


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Librarian turned Homeschool Mombrarian. I enjoy sharing creative learning activities, picture books and crafts for little learners. I write and create original flannel board stories, songs and felt sets for toddlers and preschoolers.

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