Picture Books About Shapes

We are focusing on shapes this week, exploring how many sides each has and finding shapes all around us. We found these great picture books at our local library using a SUBJECT search for “Shapes — juvenile fiction.” Using these search terms in a subject search will help you find children’s fiction about shapes insteadContinue reading “Picture Books About Shapes”

Ten Little Cookies Flannel Board Song

This Ten Little Cookies Felt Set for Flannel Board is not your typical cookies set! It is so much more! The set includes a red cookie jar with a flap for hiding cookies, plus ten cookies with varying numbers of chocolate chips 1-10 and their corresponding number on the back, a plus sign, minus signContinue reading “Ten Little Cookies Flannel Board Song”

Free Lowercase Trace and Write Practice Sheets

Jump to the Downloads My 5 year old still have some work to do on sizing his letters properly, especially with lowercase letters. I could find tracing sheets, but not many for lowercase letters only that also provided space to free write the letter. My son traces fine, but when it comes to free-writing, heContinue reading “Free Lowercase Trace and Write Practice Sheets”

Draw and Write Tablet Sheets – Free Printables

Jump to the Downloads I am too cheap to buy the journals of these tablet writing sheets, so I made my own. I printed some in color and laminated for writing practice and I have also printed in black and white and have my son write on them with pencil. Thank goodness for erasers! ScrollContinue reading “Draw and Write Tablet Sheets – Free Printables”

Picture Books About Ponds

We have been thoroughly enjoying our focus on ponds this month. We found these great picture books about pond life at our local library and might have to buy a few to keep in our permanent collection! We have been including some pond vocabulary into our sight word sentences since we see so many ofContinue reading “Picture Books About Ponds”

Sight Word Flash Cards – Free Printables

Jump to the Downloads I have been against flash cards for the longest time because I didn’t want to drill the love of reading out of my not-yet-reading-preschooler, but it turns out my preschooler-now-Kindergartener likes them! And he learns well with them, so I made some using the 40-word Dolch Pre-Primer and 52-word Dolch PrimerContinue reading “Sight Word Flash Cards – Free Printables”

Picture Books About Maps

My husband and I took lots of road trips together before we had kids and it was important to us that we continue that tradition with our kids. A couple of summers ago, we took a couple of long trips, and I wanted to find books about maps to prepare my son (Alice was justContinue reading “Picture Books About Maps”

Skip Counting Hopscotch

We started learning to skip count last summer and found some cute songs that helped Sammy remember 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s. He’s pretty obsessed with numbers still so every time we get the sidewalk chalk out, he asks for different number sets. His favorite is skip counting by 100s so the final spot isContinue reading “Skip Counting Hopscotch”