Picture Books About Shapes

We are focusing on shapes this week, exploring how many sides each has and finding shapes all around us. We found these great picture books at our local library using a SUBJECT search for “Shapes — juvenile fiction.” Using these search terms in a subject search will help you find children’s fiction about shapes instead…

Picture Books About Ponds

We have been thoroughly enjoying our focus on ponds this month. We found these great picture books about pond life at our local library and might have to buy a few to keep in our permanent collection! We have been including some pond vocabulary into our sight word sentences since we see so many of…

Picture Books About Maps

My husband and I took lots of road trips together before we had kids and it was important to us that we continue that tradition with our kids. A couple of summers ago, we took a couple of long trips, and I wanted to find books about maps to prepare my son (Alice was just…


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DIY Homeschool Planner

I have been feeling all over the place lately when it comes to planning homeschool. I wanted to make a one-stop planner that I could use to help focus my plans. With a 2yo and a 5yo, I want to be sure I’m staying on track with each of their developmental needs while still focusing…

At-Home Learning Schedule

Early learning is all about engaging little learners at a critical period of brain development from birth to age five. Nurture, nutrition and engagement all help grow a happy, healthy child. By age five or six is another milestone – Kindergarten! Follow these five activities 2-3 times a week to feel confident your little learner…

The 5-Seconds Rule

Have you heard of the 5-Seconds Rule? No, I’m not talking about dropping food on the floor! This 5-Second Rule is a good rule of thumb to remember when talking with you toddler or preschooler. Young minds are developing rapidly and absorbing a lot of information. When you ask them a question, it is easy…


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